Promotion & Creative Advertising

Advertising is necessary for the promotion and sale of a product. You might be selling the latest and innovative product, but your attempts at marketing it will end unsuccessfully if you do not advertise it properly. If you have any doubts about this concept, check the advertisements used by reputable and world renowned companies each time they come out with a new product. The marketing teams of those companies know that the product will not sell just by its brand name. They have to advertise it in several platforms in such a way to rouse interest in the minds of their potential clients. While traditional advertising methods are fine, nothing can beat innovative point of sale ideas when it boils down to successfully promoting a product. 

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Using different methods to promote products

Posters play a huge role in promoting a product successfully. Flyers also play a huge role in the successful promotion of a product. Marketers hire individuals to hand out these flyers to individuals at select points of the city. If the product is oriented at kids, these individuals will station themselves near parks and other places visited by kids and hand out the pamphlets to the kids or to their parents. The impact by this promotional method is awesome if the flyer is designed properly and contains images of the product that kids find irresistible. More often than not, it results in increased sales. Marketers should also lay emphasis of the quality of printing of the advertising material. They can do so by getting their promotional materials printed by reputable printing presses.

The advantage of point of sales

A leading manufacturer of chocolates recently launched a new brand of chocolate. They had a simple and targeted marketing strategy. They hired a reputable advertising agency for designing and printing their flyer. They also manufactured a small pouch containing a sample of their latest product. They then hired individuals to stand in front of leading shopping centres and malls, to hand out the leaflet along with the sample pack of their product. The flyer provided potential customers information about the product and the free sample allowed them to taste the product. This resulted in huge sales of the new chocolate in a couple of days. One can apply this same method to promote their new launches. Adding specially designed displayed on shop windows also plays a proactive role in promoting the sales of a product.